Hull Design

We started by tapping one of the sport’s most decorated and accomplished racing shell designers, Klaus Filter. Over the past 50 years, Filter-designed boats have won more international gold medals than any other hull.


Filter was the only slender hull designer to empirically test and account for human impact on rowing shells. He calculated and applied extensive data to refine the shape, waterline, and thus the wetted surface accordingly. What you get is a pragmatic hull that’s optimized for thru-water performance when rowed.

Broader beam, shallower hull curve, these shells provide a greater level of stability than their pure racing brethren, but still offer maneuverability and sleekness not typically found in this class of recreational boat.


Our engineering team uses the latest CAD software to design and analyze the hull and cockpit to optimize performance, ergonomics and aesthetic design. This same process is applied to the design and construction of the small parts and fittings too.